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Explore a Range of Career Options with an M.S in Health Administration

Explore a Range of Career Options with an M.S in Health Administration

Healthcare is a serious business and requires the highest level of expertise in the health and safety of humans. The slightest error can cost lives. Your knowledge base in the field of health care needs to be detailed, diverse, and up-to-date. There are a wide variety of medical professions, but a degree in Health Administration can open doors for you to this rapidly growing industry.

According to The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more jobs being adding to the field of healthcare every year, and this growth exceeds that of any other industry. A Master’s degree in Health Administration (MHA) through online institutions can help you gain specialization in the healthcare field without needing to compromise your job or personal commitments. With a degree in Health Administration, one has the opportunity to explore various career preferences by choosing one of the concentrations, such as:

  • Data Management
  • Health Care Strategies
  • Population Management
  • Senior services

MHA degree requirements

Students looking to to pursue a Master’s in Health Administration are required to attain work experience in the field of healthcare. However, this may differ across programs for professionals without a healthcare background. The need for producing GRE scores also varies by institution. There are further details listed on the websites of the universities, and one can learn more about their executive MHA program online.

Choosing an MHA Program Online

The most important consideration once you have chosen your specialization is the accreditation of the institution as it impacts the transferability of credits and eligibility for federal financial aid.

Degree Concentrations in MHA

The various specializations cover all the niches of the healthcare industry. These include:

  • Health Care Ethics (health care regulations, patient care)
  • Health Informatics (organizing and managing data)
  • Health Policy and Management (health care regulations, legal areas)
  • Maternal and Child Health Services
  • Environmental Health Science
  • Long Term Care
  • Survey Research

After achieving a Master’s in Health Administration degree, you can work within medical and healthcare services, or as a healthcare social worker, health information technician, and administrative services manager.

Earnings for MHA graduates

Holding an MHA has high earning potential with the median annual salary of $57,000 in the first five years of working. However, mid-career employees make about $89,000 annually, as revealed by PayScale College salary report.


An online MHA is designed to make collaborative and interactive online learning possible for busy professionals. At Maryville University, the agenda is to participate in discussions with the practitioners and executives. Health Administrators are required to be well-informed and educated on a broad spectrum of disciplines. Whether you are interested in health policy, health care delivery, finance or human resources, a Masters in Health Administration works to cover the diversity of these areas and employ them for better operation of services.

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